Summer is here! While many enjoy outdoor activities and eagerly sport their warm attires, others are not as comfortable donning a T-shirt or tank top. Why is that so? Stubborn fat in the upper arms is a common problem. Genetics plays a huge role in determining where fats store in your body. However, some women are likely to accumulate fat in their upper arms. Some studies have shown that low testosterone levels can lead to excess storage fat in the upper body. That flab in your upper arm is a big concern. For some, it is much easier to cover their arms with longer sleeves than being unconscious of fat.

It is frustrating if you cannot lose fat in certain areas as you can’t spot-reduce it. A high protein diet could improve your body composition and increase fat loss, but no diet can specifically make your arms slimmer. Even exercise can be helpful, but it depends on how dedicated and committed you are to it. Depending on the routine, some may or may not benefit, depending on the routine, as everyone’s body functions differently, and they lose fat at different paces and in different orders. Some people lose their lower body fat unless their upper body loses some fat.

Upper arm fat can be difficult to get rid of. This is where Emsculpt Neo comes in! It is a 30-minute painless procedure that doesn’t require any preparation time. It’s a simple and easy procedure that feels like your workout session with muscle contractions and a heating sensation. A single session of Emsculpt Neo creates 24,000 muscle contractions to improve muscle tone and strength. The destroyed fat cells are gathered naturally after treatment, and the body’s system expels them from the body as waste. This treatment can be done on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, and calves to tone and sculpt muscles. However, it is way more than a workout session since it helps you burn fat and build muscles to sculpt your body in as little as four weeks. There is no downtime, and you can immediately resume your activities after the procedure. If you are tired of struggling with flabby arms and looking for solutions, we can help you! You can learn more about the treatment method and how it can help your case. So, reach out to Marin Medical Aesthetics at (415) 855-4050 today.