Diastasis Recti in Women

WHAT IS DIASTASIS RECTI? Diastasis Recti is a separation of the rectus abdominis (otherwise known as the six-pack muscle). Also referred to as abdominal separation, diastasis recti occurs when the rectus abdominis, the two large vertical banks of muscles that meet in the center of your abdomen, pull apart from their attachment point, the linea alba [...]

The Fat Burning Diet

It’s that time of year again! Are you ready to reclaim your muscle tone and lose those unwanted pounds? At Marin Medical Aesthetics, we can help you do both with our state-of-the-art Emsculpt® technology for fat burning and muscle building. But every good plan to reclaim your health also has a healthy eating component to [...]

Emsculpt®: The Surgery Alternative

Unfortunately, many American women lack self-confidence and most of the time, it can be linked to how they are overexposed to celebrities and social media. This can make participating in things like dating even more stressful for women. Around 50% of women have negative body image and 67% of women worry about their appearance at least once [...]

AB Etching Vs Emsculpt®

There are many procedures that focus on bringing those abs out, including Emsculpt® and Abdominal Etching. However, there are differences in safety and effectiveness in these two procedures. Ab etching is a surgery that includes liposuction in the abdomen. Liposuction, which has been around for decades, is used to achieve more defined abdominal muscles. During [...]

Ready Your Bikini Body

Summertime brings longer days and warmer temperature. But for some it also brings anxiety about more revealing clothes. If you are still looking to shed a few pounds this summer and tone up your body to look lean and healthy try these five tips for fat loss: Eat more fiber. It’s not just good for [...]

Emsculpt®: HIFEM® Technology

The role of fat and muscles in aesthetic appearance The majority of human body composition comprises of fat (approx. 25%)1 and muscle (42% male/36% female)2 tissues. Many procedures address subcutaneous fat which correlates with the overall body shape, and its reduction can deliver a slimmer look. The underlying muscles are however equally important as an [...]

Emsculpt®: A Solution for Busy Moms

Moms are always striving to restore their pre-pregnancy physiques after having children. But between work, family, and household tasks, it feels virtually impossible to find the time to work out at all, let alone be able to shape your body to the way you want. The Emsculpt® body sculpting device makes this easy! It offers [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fat Loss

Everyone wants to lose at least a few pounds to feel healthier and look better in the mirror every day, but there are some things no one tells you about fat loss. Fat loss can give you a huge energy boost. Without carrying that extra weight around, you’ll start to feel amazing from the inside [...]

Enhance Your Workout Efforts with Emsculpt®

After a whole, workout routines seem to become an endless series of crunches and squats, with no results from all your hard work. Emsculpt® at Marin Medical Aesthetics in San Rafael could be the answer you are looking for. This device not only does the work for you but offers patients a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative [...]